Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Easy Party Favors {Pretzels}

My daughter's party was this weekend (check back tomorrow for more about that!). I wanted to have party favors for each child and rather than filling a bag or box full of trinkets I thought it would be fun to have something edible! I mean, let's be real honest, how many parachute men have you seen actually work like they are supposed to? If you have...I must be doing something wrong!! Since her party theme was "Carnival" I knew pretzels would be a great option for us. I love love love yogurt or chocolate covered pretzels but the makers of those can be pretty proud of them and my pocket book has a budget. What was I to do but make my own?

I bought the candy wafers from Hobby Lobby (my second home). Followed the directions on the package to melt the candy and started dipping away. This can get pretty messy!! My sis-in-law had a great contraption that helped speed the proccess and limit the mess. I can't for the life of me figure out what the official name would be...but think plastic stick with two prongs at the end for picking up like a bent fork). If you know the name... comment below and help a sister out. :)

While they dried on wax paper I used sprinkles to add a bit of color.

I put about 8 pretzels in a plastic treat bag tied with ribbon and a little card telling everyone thanks for coming. I also added a package of fruit snacks, stickers and a little tub of playdoh to the cute boxes I found. More about those tomorrow....

What homemade goodies have you used for party favors?


  1. For one of Chris' b/day parties it was a coffee theme and I gave the guests chocolate dipped spoons! Yummy!

  2. this made me think of you....loved the vanilla wafer cookie tray idea!

    put it in your bag of ideas for the next party...or back to school get together.
    the link looks long...if it doesn't work, email me.

  3. Hey Linds,
    It is called a Candy Dipping Fork. Another thing that you can use to speed the process up is a double broiler to keep the chocolate or whatever at a certain temp so you dont have to keep reheating the stuff and sometimes burning it. (Speaking from experience. I hope that helps.


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