Friday, July 2, 2010

Crafty Friday - Kids Room Artwork

Last weekend George was out playing golf & the kids were with my parents so I had a morning to myself to be all crafty. Everything began as normal until this happened....
Yes, that's my camera lens from my new camera (birthday present from February!). I was so angry at myself!! Luckily I had an old lens from the old film SLR that fits but still... how frustrating is this!

Back to Crafty Friday... I have been on a mission to decorate Hudson & Hallie's room since they moved to big girl/boy beds in February. We've rearranged the furniture a few times since then and finally have settled on a final arrangement. But the walls have been screaming at me for love. I finally had the time and motivation to get working on it.

First, I bought a 30x24 canvas at Hobby Lobby and had a paint color matched to one of the colors in their bedspreads.
Because I am impatient.... waiting for paint to dry to get started on the actual decorating!
My original idea for stenciling didn't work out because I ran out of space so I had repaint the top and planned to start over. You could faintly see the old letters underneath so I had to come up with a Plan B on the fly... here's what I came up with.
After painting the stripes they felt incomplete so I decided I'd put circles on either side of the canvas since their bedding is covered in circles.
I got all technical and used this cup as my circle guide.
Then I decoupaged this verse on top. I had made this verse (and one for Hallie) on the computer and had them printed. I planned to hang it in a frame with a mat, but didn't ... so luckily my Plan B needed it.
It's home above Hudson's bed. Hallie's will look the same - just with a different verse. Once Hobby Lobby puts their canvases on sale again I'll start hers!


  1. Your lens may still be under warranty contact the company and see if they will replace it for a minimal fee or maybe even free. My friend just had one fixed for free.

  2. This is so creative! I am impressed. It turned out perfect. <3


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