Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Loving the ABCs

Ever wondered what to do when you stumble upon 26 random letters?

I want an alphabet wall! Have you seen these cute things? I think it would look so great in our playroom. Some are vinyl, some are painted, some are wooden letters nailed to the wall. What a great idea for a kid-friendly area of your house. It would take up a significant portion of the wall which for me is good...less space for me to try and figure out how to fill up! Maybe you'll be inspired to attempt this too.
This is the first picture that inspired me...I WILL have one of these walls one day (I hope). I just hope I collect all the letters before my kids are out of preschool. Somehow I don't think this will be cool when they are teenagers!

Project Nursery

Design Dazzle

Kiddy Cat

Baby Gadget

Olli and Lime


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