Thursday, December 2, 2010

Advent Calendars

Well. I dropped the ball again this year!
I've had my eye on all of these adorable Advent calendars & had great expectations on making one for myself, but here it is, December 2nd and I've yet to break out any creative effort to get it done. So I gave in yesterday and bought this one from TJMaxx. Not bad for $20! They gave me a discount because it was missing the "counter". I tied a jingle bell to the end of some ribbon and it was as good as new. So I can take credit for that right??
Here are the calendars that I've had my eye on. So cute!
Maybe they'll inspire you!
It's only the 2nd after all!!

This one from Canadian Family is made of envelopes. Each contain a fun family activity for the day.
You can hide little goodies or sweets under these paper cones. Idea from Disney.
And isn't this the cutest idea from Martha Stewart?? Who would have thought of baby socks?
And this one is made from a muffin pan. Check out Shabby Chic crafts for more pictures.

Do you have an advent calendar that you love??


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